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Karat conducts live, highly predictive technical interviews on your behalf. This supports teams who are challenged to concurrently ship product and reach hiring targets. Karat does this through a community of Interview Engineers who are equipped with Karat’s interviewing infrastructure, battle-tested questions, and data-informed best practices.

Engineering the technical interview


How to reduce bias when hiring software engineers virtually

Bias-test your questions, train your interviewers on clear communication and implement standardized scoring...

Mastering the virtual technical interview

Lusen Mendel and Portia Kibble Smith answer remote technical interview and recruiting questions from NSBE...

Remote interviewing: how to evaluate competencies that matter

Part II of Mohit Bhende's Forbes series on remote interviewing...

How to create a structured scoring rubric for technical interviews

Structured rubrics make it easier to evaluate candidates on a level playing field...

Remote onboarding engineers: a love letter to engineering managers

You did all this work to recruit, interview, and hire an amazing new teammate. Let’s keep this party...

Resources for remote technical interviewing


Going Virtual: How to interview and hire in a remote world

Best practices for leaders, interviewers, and candidates.

Best practices for leaders, interviewers, and candidates.

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